How To Download, Install & Update KodiBuntu?

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Kodibuntu is a Linux working framework which is utilized for viewing KODI TV programs and kodibuntu download is additionally Linux Operating System that pre-installed with KODI. The best thing about kodibuntu iso is, it is enormously made for simply individuals who get a kick out of the chance to have a media center in their PCs that will enable them to enjoy their favorite TV series in kodibuntu iso.

Kodibuntu is made on Ubuntu and it utilizes the Ubuntu bundle framework. Kodibuntuutilizes the aptitude package manager which is the default bundle administrator of Ubuntu. It is an insignificant introduce for those clients who just lean toward KODI and that’s it. You can utilize it in the event that you need to have a different place for having your exclusive television programs, motion pictures and so forth. Or, then again you will like to have your personalized media center.

kodibuntu download

You simply kodibuntu download require it to watch your top picks motion pictures and all the stuff you like. It comes packaged with everything that you need a completely utilitarian and running media focus. It has all the requirements that are required by KODI.

Module To Install Or Update KodiBuntu         

The downloadable ISO is 14.0 and requires a manual refresh. It hasn’t cared for a Windows-based KODI Media setup in any capacity. You don’t simply download the Kodi.exe double tap it, install and be finished with it. What’s more, Windows allows for attachment and play and the introducing of late computer games, if that is your thing. It additionally has Windows Media Center from Windows Vista to Windows 7 which is incredible for PVR setup.

kodibuntu download does not require the pull that is expected to run a Windows/KODI based setup. In spite of the fact that with HD video you will need no less than 4gb of memory and a 2.8ghz dual core CPU or better.

In the event that you as of now have Kodibuntu installed and simply need to get a most recent variant of KODI, simply bounce to step 16.

Procedure To Install KodiBuntu

In the first place, you should download Kodibuntu from You will see KODI v17.4 Krypton. You can copy the .iso to a CD-R or make a bootable USB thumb drive or called a flash drive to introduce Kodibuntu. We will do this strategy utilizing the .iso copied to a CD-R.

    1. After downloading the Koibuntu.iso you can copy it to CD utilizing free programming called IMGBURN.
    2. Just download most recent version of ImgBurn and install it.
    3. Run ImgBurn place blank CD-R in your Bluray/DVD/CD
    4. Tap on ‘Write image file to disc’ at the top. You will notice Source and under that will say please select a file.
    5. Click on the folder with the magnifying glass on the right of it.
    6. Select the iso will be in a location where you downloaded it to. Set burn speed to 4x and choose the image to disc icon on the bottom. Wait for the burn to complete. If you can burn at 2x then do it. We suggest not to go beyond 4x burn speed.
    7. Now insert burnt Kodibuntu CD you created with IMGBURN into your computers CD/DVD/Bluray burner.
    8. Make beyond any doubt your HTPC is associated with web by Try not to go with the wireless option, as it may hamper the internet connectivity.
    9. Now at the Kodibuntu installer boot menu, tap on ‘Install kodibuntu 64 bit download’.
    10. It might take some time for the welcome screen to appear. Choose the desired language and proceed to next step.
    11. Proceed with the checkbox which says ‘Download updates while installing’.
    12. In the next step, choose your preferred installation type.
    13. Choose your time-zone in this step.
    14. Choose your keyboard layout. In the next step, enter your credentials.
    15. Once done, you will notice that installation procedure has begun. Once done, reboot your system.
    16. If you want to update your KODI, go to the Power icon on the bottom left, and choose the EXIT option. This will take you to the login
    17. Now at the top right, tap on the Settings button and choose Lubuntu. Enter your credentials.
    18. On the desktop screen, access the Settings by clicking on start icon. Choose XTerm later.
    19. This will lead the command box to open. Now in the command box, type sudoapt-get update and tap on Enter. Type ‘y’ for the second command, and hit enter.
    20. Enter your credentials in this step. Be aware that while entering the credentials in XTerm, it will be blank.
  1. Be patient and wait for the package to install. It will be done when you see your credentials on the top of the XTerm.
  2. In the XTerm again, type the command sudo apt-get upgrade. Again choose ‘y’ for the upcoming options. The package installation might take some time.
  3. The update is complete when you see your credentials at the bottom. Once done, reboot your system.
  4. Once the system restart, login to Ubuntu desktop and access XTerm again. Type the command as sudo apt-get dist-upgrade. For the next command, again type ‘y’ and press enter.
  5. You will now require to create a username for Tvheadend. Once done, choose the <Ok> option.
  6. Restart your PC.
  7. Logout and login to Linbuntu instead of Lubuntu and enter your credentials.
  8. Voila! You have successfully managed to upgrade to latest version of KODI.


kodibuntu download is a working framework produced for a particular purpose, that is to watch and stream appears, films, live channels, music and so on your PC via KODI. Then again, OpenSuse, Debian, and these other Linux working frameworks aren’t created for a particular purpose. Or maybe they are produced for the general purpose.

So you can’t simply utilize kodibuntu update as your general purpose working framework yet you need to utilize it for particular purposes.

We expect our article will help you to download, install and update kodibuntu on your gadget effectively.

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