Kodi for Mac Download & Install Guide

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As you can guess from the title of the article, we are going to see how to download and use Kodi for Mac. We have a detailed Kodi For Mac Download App & Install Tutorial for you to feast your eyes on. So, without any further ado, let’s start the article.

kodi on mac  is a great media player software that you can use to watch movies, TV shows, listen to music and even look at pictures. All this, and that too in one single application. Users have the option of streaming media from their local or network based storage.

The user interface of Kodi for Mac is so beautiful, it feels anything unlike the present media streaming apps. One thing about the UI is that you will have to play around it with a little bit, before you get a proper grip on using the app. Maybe this is the only weak point of Kodi iOS App.

You can even stream online content with the help of many add-ons that you can install just as easily as the app how to install kodi on macbook how to install kodi on mac . The following part contains vital instructions that will help you in downloading and installing Kodi on Mac.

Kodi for Mac

Install Kodi for Mac

kodi on mac was initially released as a home-brew media player for the Xbox gaming platform in 2002. After that, the developers decided to release it for various platforms like Windows, Android, iOS, Mac OS X. So, Kodi on Mac is officially available kodi for macbook so that you won’t have to worry about getting the kodi on mac app.

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I have listed out the steps below in a systematic manner so that you could understand each and every part of the procedure properly. Kodi for Mac is officially available on the official website of the app kodi for macbook . There are many versions of the app how to install kodi on macbook available on the site. Let’s see them in detail.

  1. Open any browser on your Mac and click on the link given below.
  2. After the site loads completely; which won’t take much time if you have a good connection; scroll down until you see the logos of various operating systems.
  3. There will be an Apple logo which represents the Mac OS X. Click on “Release: Installer”.
  4. Clicking on that link will start the download of Kodi Mac setup file. The download file size is around 75 MB, so it won’t take much time.
  5. The file that is downloaded is a .dmg file or generally known as a disk image. A disk image is the virtual equivalent of a CD.
  6. If you download this file from your Safari Browser, then you will auto-mount the file, or otherwise, you will have to mount it by double clicking on that file.
  7. When you open the .dmg file, you will see the Kodi icon. In order to install Kodi on Mac, you will have to drag the Kodi icon to the Application folder of your Mac.

how to install kodi on mac

After this you can open the app kodi for macbook and use it to stream media of your choice. But if you have Mac OS X 10.8 or higher installed on your Mac, then you may get a message saying that Kodi can’t be installed because of its unknown origin. You can rectify that by bypassing the warning to install Kodi for Mac.

  • Open the Apple menu then select System preferences. After that, go to Security & Privacy and select General.
  • You will see a padlock-like icon on the bottom of the window. When you click on that icon, it will require you to enter a computer admin password.
  • Select “Allow applications downloaded from” and click on “Anywhere”.
  • This will prompt a scary warning from Apple that feels a bit exaggerated but its nothing to be afraid of and you can click OK and move forward with Kodi Mac App.

Thiskodi for macbook  was the entire method to download and install Kodi on Mac computer. The setup files kodi for macbook are easily available on the official website of Kodi Mac. If you experience any problems with the process, then you can post your concerns in the comments section below.

This was the entire article regarding Kodi for Mac Download & Install Guide. We have talked about the procedure of installing this app on mac and also how to bypass the security warning. If you have any troubles while carrying out this process, then contact us at Kodi App.

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