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You have reached this article on Kodi for iPhone, iPad, & iOS Download & Install App as the one stop solution to your problems in kodi on ipad. In this article kodi on ipad, we will describe to all our readers regarding the Kodi for iPhone and iOS download. This app kodi on ipad is a buzz creator among the apps for the iOS platform and we will tell you why by discussing its features in http://kodi17download.com.

kodi on ipad is an open source multimedia player that works as an app on your iPhone/iPad or other iOS devices. We will tell you all the steps and provide you all the links of the Kodi download process for your iOS device.

If you are an iOS device user and wish to have this Kodi app then read this article to know the details.

Kodi for iPhone and iPad download

Kodi App supports both 720p and 1080p for the iOS devices hence produce HD visuals across the platform. Now, in this article, we will describe two methods of Kodi for iPhone and iPad device’s download. The Kodi iPhone device users are of two types; Jailbreak device users and Non-Jailbreak device users.

Kodi for iPhone

So, keeping this categorization in mind, we have the two methods here how to install kodi on iphone. Follow these steps to get the Kodi for iPhone download done on your device;

  • Method 1: Using Cydia: In this method, the users will use the Cydia browser for the download of the Kodi app for the iPhone devices. To do this, follow these steps;
    • Firstly, you have to download the Cydia App using this link here; Download Cydia for iPhone
    • After downloading and installing the Cydia app, launch it on your iPhone.
    • Type “Kodi App” in the search box and look for the download page.
    • Then the results will lead to the download page of Kodi for iPhone device.
    • Finally, after downloading and installing the app you will be able to use it freely.
  • Method 2: Using deb file download: This method is effective for those iPhone device users whose device is Jailbreak. To go through this process you need to do the following;
    • Using the Cydia or any other browser on our device, search for the iFile for download.
    • Then, use this link to download the Kodi app deb file for your device; Download Kodi deb file for iPhone
    • Open the file using the iFile that you’ve downloaded earlier.
    • Next, select the “Install” tab when the application setup opens.
    • Finally, reboot your device and you will find the Kodi App on your device.

Hence, these were two methods to download the Kodi app for your iPhone and iPad devices. With updates and amendments in the iOS development, the app install kodi on ipad will soon be accessible for both Jailbreak and Non-jailbreak iOS devices without any hassle. We shall keep posting on this issue soon.

kodi on ipad

Kodi for Mac iOS Download

The Kodi for iPhone is a great success and from this prompted the release of the Kodi download for Mac OS devices. The use of C++ language for its interface prompts people to come and join the open projects of the app in its development.

In this section, we will brief you on the Kodi App download for Mac OS devices. Before all that, we have to check on the system requirements for the Kodi app with mac OS. Well, the only requirement is to have a Mac OS X 10.7 (or any version later). Now, carefully follow these steps to get everything correctly;

  • On your Mac device, download the .dmg file of the Kodi app initially. Click on this link to download kodi on iphone the file:

Kodi App Download for Mac

  • Double click on the dmg file to extract the app’s disk image.
  • You will see a symbol like a disk drive on your Mac device screen.
  • Next, you have to open the extracted disk image of the Kodi App.
  • Select the image and hold it.
  • Then drag the file to the Applications folder shown on the screen.
  • Right-click on the disk drive image of the Kodi App and select “Eject” option.
  • Finally, the Kodi App download and installation process is complete for your Mac OS device.

Since the app kodi ipad is an open source app, it’s developers could write up the program for Mac OS compatibility too. By following these simple steps you will be able to execute the download kodi on iphone and installation process on your own. The app is much easier to use than the downloading steps

kodi ios

Features of Kodi for iPhone

Kodi for iPhone app is originated from XBMC which stands as Xbox Media Center. The developers of the app kodi ipad got it a new name with these many new features to highlight the app in the App market. We will discuss some of these features that reflect the roles of these Kodi for iPhone in this section of the article.

Here is a list of few amazing features of the Kodi for iPhone and iPad/iOS device;

  • The app Kodi for iPhone is a multimedia player that supports many formats for music and video files on your iOS device.
  • Music formats that are supported include mp3, Wma, Wav, etc. and video formats include mp4, 3gp, Vob, Avi, Mkv, etc.
  • Kodi for iPhone and iPad devices provides ease of downloading any content that the viewer wishes. The downloads can be managed by the app’s interface. The user can change the default location to his or her desired location.
  • The app kodi ios orients itself to the device and manages the media files according to the user’s commands.
  • Kodi for iPhone download is easy, fast and completely legal to perform by all Apple device users.
  • Moreover, the app allows the user to watch videos or listen to music online without downloading the file. This will save time and data both for the users.
  • Also, there is an inbuilt television library that allows users to manage their movie or TV program schedules.
  • The latest and upcoming updates relating to the user’s favorites will be displayed on the Kodi for iPhone app.
  • Furthermore, Kodi for iPhone supports Apple TV connections to allow the transfer of display from the mobile devices to the TV screens.

The above-mentioned were some of the key features of the Kodi for iPhone download. Well, now you have understood the capabilities of the app with your iPhone device and other iOS devices. We will not keep you guys waiting and we’ll quickly move to the download and installation procedure.

In conclusion to this article kodi ios on how to Download Kodi for iPhone, iPad, & iOS and Install, we would like to thank our readers for completing this article. We hope the information in this article has helped you through the process. If you have any questions regarding the process, feel free to send us your query at Kodi Download. 

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